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PALLET LINES - Complete Lines for pallet elements production

Code equipment: PALLETS LINES

Short description

Complete sawmill Lines to produce in precise way wooden elements for pallets production, A.Costa Pallet Lines.
Complete sawmill Lines to produce in precise way wooden elements for pallets production - PALLET /  PACKAGING LINES.
This type of Lines historicaly take the special, most popular place in A.Costa equipment production program. And also historically A.Costa is the  the main world brand in woodworking industry, specializing in this area. Many types of machines and Lines in A.Costa production program are developed and produced strictly for needs of industrial pallet boards production. 
It is first of all:
- Automatic double cross-cutting machines (MAXI-CUTBETA, CROSS-CUT) and Lines on the base of its with reading and measuring systems, systems of automatic centring, positioning and cutting 
for proceeding prisms/beams/boards;
- Canters (CANTATA) or Edging (Lines on the base of NOTA and other PRISMS / BOARDS EDGING MACHINES) systems for simultaneous removal of side barks solid wasteparts and fitches from short prisms/beams/boards;
- All types of Automatic multi-ripsaws (LEONE/2FALCONE/2ML2-420, ML1-420, RI 500, RI 150) with related measuring and positioning systems and all connected automations consisting of various roller conveyors equipped with all the necessary precautions;
- Boards output systems and Automatic Stacking systems for produced pallet boards.