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Two spindle multiple ripsaw

Code equipment: Falcone

Short description

FALCONE/2 - Complete automatic double spindle strong and most reliable multi-ripsaw machine to proceed prisms with thickness till 220 mm
The FALCONE/2 machine is one of the most reliable, recognized, and widely used two-axis automatic multi-blade sawing machines in the world for longitudinal sawing of timber/timber. The machine is distinguished by high productivity, legendary reliability, unpretentiousness, user-friendly software, enormous working resource, and highest quality of the produced products.
Additionally, the machine has a significant number of modifications:
- the feed system can be chain or roller;
- the upper pressing device can have pneumatic or electro-mechanical drive;
- the main drive motors have a very large power range = 2 by 75 (or 90, or 110) kW.
In the basic configuration, the machine is equipped with a chain (crawler with two load-bearing chains) feed system: one crawler feeds the workpieces for sawing, the other is used to remove the resulting sawn timber from the machine. With the crawler feed system, the machine can operate in the speed range of 4 - 40 m/min.
There is a modification of the machine for operation with a feed speed of up to 120 m/min. In this modification, high-speed roller systems are installed instead of the crawler feed system, both at the input and output sections.
To optimize productivity and achieve maximum output of clean products, with minimized energy consumption, the machine provides the possibility of moving (adjusting) the machine shafts in height, allowing the use of saws of various thicknesses and diameters depending on the current sawing thicknesses. The diameter range of the saws used is 280 - 350 mm.
The upper pressing device of the machine can automatically adapt to the thickness of the sawn workpieces, which, in turn, allows simultaneous sawing of timber with variations in thickness of up to 50 mm.
The machine has a multiply redundant drive system for the main shafts, aspiration duct system.
Main characteristics of the machine:

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