Via Lago di Caldonazzo 6, 36015 Schio, Italia
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From 1922
are the through world known manufacturer of the widest range of woodworking Machines, Integrated Lines and Complete Automatic Plants and Complexes for woodworking industry.
A. Costa Righi is an Associated German-Italian company. Historically and for today - leader in the production of Machines, Lines and Complete Plants for the sawmill industry, woodworking and parquet. Company offers a wide range of services such as engineering, design, production and complete post-sale customer assistance. A.Costa Righi exports the 85% of its production into: Western and Eastern Europe, to South and North America, to Asia, Australia, Africa.
A. Costa Righi is a subsidiary of the company Ecotec AG, an engineering-holding company in Munich, Gemany. The management of the company is German, experienced and innovative in the development, planning, design and production of modern machinery equipment. Company has spread set of dealers, representatives and qualified suppliers all over the world. Company constantly offers a rare combination of: German quality + Italian design, ensuring great benefits and wide advantages for complete customer satisfaction.