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Double side chipper canter

Code equipment: Cantata

Short description

CANTATA - Double-sides chipper to mill the logs slabs(flitches) into technological chips. Give possibility to exclude the solid pieces waste in sawmill process and in one pass transfer waste logs parts into chips. Designed for different wood thickness.
Machine CANTATA - Double side chipper canter. This machine is designed by A.Costa for milling-out of the logs slabs (fitches) from two side of processing logs into technological chips. Canter equipped with a central feed chain, hydraulic upper pressure unit and two motorized rotated side canter disks with installed on its knifes and sliding blades, may be changed and sharping. By these knifes slabs from both sides of processing log piece-by-piece (reducing) were cutting from the log. In the middle of canter disk is installed the round sliding blades. This blades finally make processing log surface smooth.
For different thickness of the wood 
A.Costa  produced different types of CANTATA machines:
a) Mod.
CANTATA 25 is designed to proceed pieces with thickness till 250 mm;
Mod.CANTATA 35 - for thickness in 350 mm, 
c) Mod.CANTATA 45 (55, 65) respectively - for thickness in 450 (550 and 650) mm. 
Dimensions (granulometry) of chips can be adjusted for demanded main content by the means of inverters or by the transmission pulleys.

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