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One spindle edging trimming / ripsaw with movable blades
RI 500 3R

Code equipment: RI 500 R3 EN

Short description

One spindle multiple ripsaw and/or edging, trimming automat RI 500 3R (2R, 1R) with 1 fixed and 3 (2-1) movable blades. Very suitable for precise edge of the boards. It can be also used as a multi ripsaw.
RI 500 3R(2R,1R)  - One spindle multi-ripsaw, trimming/ edging machine, strong and versatile, very suitable for all sawmills that look for the best in terms of production capacity and cutting precision.
Machines  RI 500 3R(2R,1R) - multiripsaw, trimming/ edging with fixed and movable sawblades.
One spindle multiripsaw, trimming/ edging automats with fixed and movable sawblades RI 500 3R(2R,1R) are used as for trimming/ edging of side boards get in process of longitudinal round logs cutting or as multiripsaw to proceed prisms with not big thickness.
When machines RI 500 3R(2R,1R)  are used as multiripsaw, the max. working thickness of processsing prisms or beams may be till 140 mm.  In case this machine used as trimming/ edging automat, the max. working thickness of prisms / beams may be till 125 mm.  
Consequently models of RI 500 3R(2R,1R) has one fixed blade (group of blades) and: model 3R - has three motorize movable blades (group of blades), models 2R и 1R  has consequently two and one motorize movable blades (group of blades)
Main technical characters of 
RI 500 3R(2R,1R) machines: 
- maximum passing width of processing pieces till 1000 mm;
maximum working width of pieces till 600 mm;
maximum distance between machine lateral blades till 510 mm;
- minimum length of processing pieces - 700 mm.

Machine RI 500 3R(2R,1R) can works in coplete automatic way ander PLC (computer) control, or under manual control of operator (with spread automatic PLC functions, assisted to him). 
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