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Double cross-cutting machine

Code equipment: MAXI-CUT EN

Short description

Double cross-cutting machine MAXI-CUT for prisms / boards. Very high precise and suitable for curved prisms with thickness till 180 mm processing into pallet (furniture) boards.
Automatic double cross-cutting machine MAXI-CUT, strong and precise, suitable for cuts with a maximum thickness up to 180 mm, equipped with a hydraulic centering system through two pairs of cylinders and a quick reading system of width of the prisms, ideal as a line machine for the production of precise elements for pallets and furniture.
Cross-cutting machine MAXI-CUT centring and one after other cut the pieces of demanded length from incoming prisms / beams.
MAXI-CUT has two cross-cutting sawblades. Very quick "flying down-up" and in this movement cut out pieces from incoming prisms.

The First cutting sawblade linearized the initial part of incoming prism and in the same moment Second blade cut-out the piece with demanded length from incoming prism.
Before cutting the initial part of incoming prism is centring by two pair hydraulic moved hands ander control of measuring device.
MAXI-CUT  has modifications depend of the max length of cutting-out pieces (max distance between the cross-catting blades).

Main technical characteristics of 
- min-max distance between the cross-cutting blades: 700-4000 mm;
- min-max thickness of proceeding prisms: 38-180 mm;
- max width of of proceeding prisms650 mm.

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