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Two spindle multiple ripsaw

Code equipment: ML2 420

Short description

Complete automatic double spindle multi-ripsaw machine ML2-420 - to proceed prisms (beams) with thickness till 180 mm
Complete Automatic Double spindle muti-ripsaw - ML2-420 to proceed wood pieces with a maximum thickness till 180 mm. Maximum width of proceeding pieces - till 900 mm. Minimal length ofpieces - 700 mm.
Mod. ML2-420 has an adaptive in wertical way top pressure device. In diapason with 50 mm the adaptation of top presure unit may be done in automatic way.
In base complection machine has the track (double chain) feeding system: one double chain for infeeding pieces into saw process and other one double chain - for outfeeding of final product from machine. In base complection ML2-420 woking speed of machine may variated from 5 till 50  m/min.   
Machine has modification can work with speed till 120 m/min. This model instead of feed/ outfeed double chains has special speed roller feeding system.
Machine has a very spread range of motors may be installed on it. Power range of possible motors: from 22,0 till 75 KWt.
Both working shafts of machine may be moved (become wide or close) in vertical direction by special motorised system. In result a lot of posibilities in using power minimization, rizing  of output volume production optimization may be applied by using of saw blades with different diameters and thickness. The interval of using saw blades diameters: 225 - 350 mm.
ML2-420 is the ideal multi-ripsaw for a small/medium companies with serious enough volume of production. 

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