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Edging machine

Code equipment: Nota

Short description

Line machine NOTA to proceed the middle size prisms / beams into trimming boards (central) + not trimming side boards. Also NOTA machine may be used as to proceed middle size logs as log cutting machine. NOTA equipped with special feeding and extraction s
Automatic machine NOTA to proceed of prisms and/or beams (or boards with big enough thickness, more 40 mm) in longitodinal direction into the trimming (central) boards + not trimming (sades) boards + waste (flitch) parts.  Depend of the needs and the thickness of the proceeding pieces machine may have 2 or 4 main working shafts.
NOTA machine, as usual, installed as main machine into the Sawmill lines, produced by A.Costa Righi. To proceed without solid pieces waste before NOTA machine it is reasonable to install the canter machine (adequate type of CANTATA machine).
NOTA is equiped with special feeding and extraction systems with a central feed chain, upper pressure units and with special conveyor to withdraw the produced materials from machine.
Each group (left or right, top group or bottom) of shafts can move in motorized way.
Each shaft can move up-down. In case of 4-shafts machine the positions of top and bottom shafts are strictly one under other, also installed blades shall be one under other on the each pair.
Left or right pairs of shafts can move 
(more close or more wide) and can move in non simmetrical way in connection with central axis of machine.
On each machine shaft may be installed from 1 till 8 blades. For
 4-shafts machine in vertical way the blades shall be installed strictly in simmetrical way - one under other.
Machine NOTA has modifications for:
- different prisms / boards dimensions;
- different motor power for main catting shafts;
- automatic positioning/repositioning of shafts and cutting blades.

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