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Code equipment: Machines for Multilayer Parquet Production EN

Short description

Machines for multi (two-, three-) layer parquet production or/and processing - A.Costa. Machines for prefinished / engineering parquet production. With different dimensions, materials.
A.Costa Righi produced wide range of parquet machines, which covered all main needs of Clients for producing and processing of multilayer (two-, three-layer) parquet - engineering boards. A.Costa parquet machines are consistently distinguished by the highest quality of their products, have very high productivity, work with maximum economic efficiency and with world known reliability, convenience and "friendliness" in operating and maintenance. 
A.Costa Righi has in production program the follow types of machines for multilayer parquet production and/or producing pars for furniture and/or construction
- Machines 
KUADRA CS for longitudinal pieces processing and double side tenoning, longitudinal profiling;
- Machines 
ASTRA and KUADRA T - for transversal pieces processing and double end tenoning, transversal profiling machines;
- Machines
 MARZIA type for longitudinal horisintal splitting of solid wood pieces into lamellas for top layer of engineering boards;
- Series of Continuous Presses 
 types (KONTACT-K 220KONTACT-K 320KONTACT-K 450) in big diapason of models depend of: min-max dimensiones; type of applied glues; for fixed or for random length of production;
ZEFIRO machines for longitudinal vertical splitting of producing multilayer panels;
- Machines of 
ZEFIRO 2400(2500 mm 3200) types to produce the compensate grooves on back side of plywood core layer of two-layer parquet.