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Splitting parquet machine MARZIA PA/2(3)C

Code equipment: MARZIA - EN

Short description

Double (Three) spindles splitting automatic parquet machine MARZIA /PA-2(3)C - for high productive and very precise production of Top layer lamellas for multi-layer parquet (or other glue products). Width of products till 120(135) mm.
Double (Triple) shaft splitting parquet machine MARZIA are applied for very precise and high productive production of Top layer lamellas for multi-layer parquet (or other glueing products) wiith possible width of products till 120 (135) mm.
MARZIA machines proceed in follow way:

As usual MARZIA is used as the Third machine in well known Lines B+S of A.Costa trade mark.
The productivity of Lines B3+S can reach 7 000-10 000 m3 per shift in process of Top layer lamellas production.
MARZIA machine suitable to use for two-three-four times rizing of productivity in process of massive parquet production with Line B3. Optionally the maximum width of producing top layers lamellas may be extended till 135 mm. For this aim the Double shaft machine MARZIA /PA-2С is transformed into Triple spindles machine MARZIA /PA-3С.
MARZIA /PA-3С has three vertical spindles (shafts).
Two firsts spindles of MARZIA /PA-3С cut the proceeding pieces partially, not complete, near in 1/3 part from each side. And the last - third spindle with big saw blade diameter, produce the complete cutting for 2-3-4 longitudinal parts.

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