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Grooving parquet machine

Code equipment: ZEFIRO-EN

Short description

Grooving parquet machine ZEFIRO - automatic producing of the grooves on the plywood back side of parquet boards. Has modifications for FIXED and RANDOM length.
Grooving Automatic parquet machine ZEFIRO (ZEFIRO 2400) used to make the compensate groves on the back side of the produced parquet boards with multilayer plywood core layer.  
In produced Lines of A.Costa trade mark for multilayer parquet production 
ZEFIRO machine as usual is installed exact after the Pressing Lines KONTACT, in such way that the produced on this Line parquet boards without delay go strictly to ZEFIRO machine for plywood core layer grooving.
Such back side plywood layer grooving dives to produced parquet boards a lot of important and useful features, very suitable and helpful for its future exploitation, such as: 
- high flexibility and elasticity of produced boards;
- excellent quality in way of parquet boards working life prolongation;
- make the producing boards more independent from regular strong deformations and/or regular changes of humidity of environment.
Machine ZEFIRO has modifications depend of:
- the length of proceeding boards from 560 till 2200(2400, 2500, 3200) mm;
- the type of producing boards: with FIX LENGH or with RANDOM LENGTH.

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