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Continuous Presses KONTACT-K 320 RANDOM Length

Code equipment: Continuous Presses Kontact-K 320 RANDOM-EN

Short description

Parquet continuous presses KONTACT-K 320 (RANDOM LENGTH) - A.Costa Complete Automatic equipment for multi-(2-3)-layer parquet boards production with max. working width in 320 mm. This model has modifications for FIXED or/and RANDOM length parquet boards p
Series Parquet Lines KONTACT-K 320 - Complete Automatic Lines, produced by A.Costa for multi-(2-3) layers continuous parquet production. Presses can realized alternative technologies for multi-layer parquet  production and can produce the parquet with different dimensions.
Press KONTACT-K 320 is the middle one in series of KONTAKT Lines and has the max working width in 320 mm.
Press KONTACT-K 320 can work in 1 or 2 or 3  rows of outfeed production. In accordance with the top lamellas dimensions producing by press sandvich are cutting into demanded rows by longitudinal ripsaw device at press outfeed.
Press produced in modifications for different types of glue to be applied:
- for different types of PUR glues;
- for PVAC glue;
- for 
PUR and PVAC glues combinations.

 Line KONTACT-K 320 has modifications for FIXED or RANDOM length boards production
For core layer of producing parquet may be applied as multi-layer plywood with different thicknesses or composition of lamellas from non-precious soft wood.
Line KONTACT-K 320 may be equiped with special system of core layer creation and feeding:
- SUPER-SHORT panels from plywood and/or from massive wood;
- panels which are gluing and jointed into continuous endless tapet.

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