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Code equipment: LINEA B3 EN

Short description

Line for massive (solid wood) parquet production - complete automatic Line B3 A.Costa with longitudinal molder MISTRAL + connecting conveyor ANTEO + transversal double end tenoner ASTRA.
Lines for massive (solid wood) parquet production B3-Parquet Line  - Series of world known Lines of A.Costa trade mark for complete automatic massive parquet production A.Costa.  Historically line have proceeded many modifications. Line is complete automatic in operation, Line has its own built-in automatic feeding system. Line is equipped only with two machinesMISTRAL and ASTRA with connected them the special belt  parquet conveyor ANTEOB3-Parquet Lines produce the solid wood parquet of highest export quality and has very high productivity - till 3800 m3 per shift. One operator can work with three B3-Parquet Lines.
MISTRAL - Automatic longitudinal parquet moulder / profiling machine. Machine may be equipped with 4 or 5, or 6 working units (spindles) with different motors power.
Double end automatic tenoner ASTRA -  complete automatic machine to produce all the transversal operations in massive (solid wood) parquet production. Machine can have 4 or 6 working units (spindles) with variated motor power per each. In Basic complection Left side of machine has the fixed position, right side - movable.
MISTRAL machine, as ASTRA have the special patented by A.Costa Righi high precision and care gentle feeding systems. 

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