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Code equipment: Parquet Line B3 EN

Short description

Lines for massive wood (solid) parquet production: Automatic Lines B3-Type A.Costa, with built-in feeding system and with high productivity.
Lines for massive (solid wood) parquet production - B3-Parquet Line is part of the series of globally recognized parquet lines under the A.Costa trademark. Throughout A.Costa's extensive history, the B3-Parquet Line production has undergone numerous modifications and modernizations.
The line is fully automatic and includes its own complete automatic built-in feeding system. It is equipped with only two parquet machines: MISTRAL and ASTRA, connected by the linking conveyor ANTEO. The line produces high-quality export-grade parquet with a productivity of up to 3800 m3 per shift. Up to three B3 Lines can be operated by a single operator.
The MISTRAL machine is an automatic longitudinal parquet molder/tenoning machine. It can have 4, 5, or 6 working groups (spindles) with different drive powers.
The ASTRA machine is a transverse double-sided automatic end parquet machine. It can have 4 or 6 working groups (spindles) with different drive powers. In the standard configuration, the right side is movable.
Both machines feature special, patented A.Costa Righi high-precision and gentle feeding systems. Complete lines for solid wood production include:
- B3 type lines for massive parquet and/or massive wood products;
- B3+S type lines for top layer lamellas production and/or high-productivity massive parquet lines.

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