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Canter-Ripsaw Complex for non sorting logs with high productivity


Canter-Ripsaw Complex for non sorting logs with high productivity

Code equipment: Univ RU

Short description

Canter-Ripsaw Complexes for non sorting logs A.Costa.Righi with high productivity and maximum economic efficiency of production. Complete automatic. Operated by one(two) operator(s).
Canter-Ripsaw complete plants A.Costa Righi with high productivity.
Plant has (includes) equiped with:
- logs feeding automatic system;
- system for automatic scan of feeding logs, this system produce:
         - 3D each logs measuring;
         - chooses optimal cutting scheme (from prescribed schemes for that moment) for log coming;
         - select for each log demanded start position (position to go for processing);
         - select for each Lines units the demanded positions (device positioning) for current (this measuring) log processing;
         - produces complete computer acounting of entered raw materials and for out feed production and so on;
- automatically and with very high speed put coming logs into demanded position (as usual curved part into up or down position);
- automaticaly immediatell as the previous log (log parts) are going out to put the machines of Log processing Line into demanded positions for this log coming;
- after as the parts of coming (processed) log are going into other Lines of Complex (into Prizmas processing Line and into Side boards processing Line) all machines of these Lines also take demanded positions for coming prismas and side boards;
-  in parallel the outfeeding from 
Prisms processing Line and into Side boards processing Line materials are sorted (automaticaly or mechanically, or manual) stapeled at the outfeed stapelling machines and may be packed.
The plant is complete managed by one operator.
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