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Sawmill Complete Production Complexes


Sawmill Complete Production Complexes

Code equipment: SawmillComplex-EN

Short description

Complete Sawmill Complex with Logs processing, Prismas processing and Trimming Lines
Sawmill Complete Production Complexes in standard configuration. A.Costa Righi as world known woodworking indastry lider is also specialized in production Sawmill Complete Production Complexes (Plants) in standard configurationAsSuch Plants are distinguished by the constant high quality of the A.Costa brand, unpretentiousness, the highest reliability and long life in operation, also such Plants proceed with the highest economic efficiency.
As usual such Complexes include (equipped with) the follow main Lines:
- Line for logs preparation (can realize the follow functions and can include the follow sublines: metal detection, cross-cutting, butt-milling, debarking, measuring, sorting per types, lendth, diameters into demanded number of sorting boxes); 
- Logs processing Lines to proceed coming round logs "in one pass" into: Central prisms / boards (may be 1-2-3 and more) and Side boards (also 1-2-3 pieces) from each log side.
- Producing Prisms processing into trimming boards;
- Edging/ trimming Lines for side boards;
- Sorting  and stacking Lines for ready production (into drying or transport stacks with marking and packing);
- Automatic storage for ready production;
- Drying Complex;
- Systems for heating and electric supplly and generation 
Such Sawmill Complexes are equipped with machines and units, manufactured by A.Costa Righi.
Depend of concrete Client needs and demands as composition of including Lines, as its productivity may be variated.

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