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Code equipment: kontact

Short description

Fully automatic machine for gluing and continuous pressing of 2/3 layer engineered parquet, supplied in three different versions depending on the maximum width of the lamellae
The machine is covered by patents that make it unique in the world. Thanks to a press equipped with independent chromed wheels with separate pressure, that guarantee perfect gluing even with different thickness of the lamellae
The machine is able to work both parquet with fixed lengths and random lengths, always in "non-stop" mode, starting from a single row up to the complete management of five rows at the same time depending on the width of the lamellae.
Through the use of hot polyurethane glue,the gluing of pre-finished parquet becomes very safe and not subject to mutations due to different environmental conditions.
At the end of the gluing and pressing process, each single parquet plank can be immediately and safely worked without any problems, for example it can be immediately profiled and squared in the following machines.
The machine is able to manage up to 1800 m/2 in one shift

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