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Lines for Stacking and Sorting of sawmill production EN

Code equipment: Sorting and Stacking lines EN

Short description

Stacking and Sorting Lines - A.Costa automatization for sawmill equipment, for - different types of production; - different dimensions; - various productivities.
A.Costa Righi Company produce the diferent types of Lines for mechanical and/or automatic Sorting and Stacking of sawmill production.
Sorting and Stacking Lines were installed usually after the Sawmilling Lines.
Stacking Lines were produced for automatic stacking / restacing of trimming sawmill production coming from:
- Sawmill Lines of differnt types (trimming boards, beams);
- from Sorting (mechanic or automatic) Lines for boards and beams;
- from Dry Kilns Complexes after drying (drying boards for restacking dry-stacks into solid transportation stacks).
In production exist different types of Sorting Lines and Stacking Lines for:
- differnt dimentions of stacks and stacking trimming sawmill production;
- various speed of work and productivity of Stacking Lines.
Stacking Lines may be equipped with Cross-Cutting devices with demanded number of fixed and/or movable sawblades.
Stacking Lines can collect boards / beams and stacking its into solid transport stacks and / or into stacks for drying with intermediate plancs between layers.
Solid transportation stacks after Stacking Line can be packed by metal or plastic belt, and may be additionally packed by plastic tape. 

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