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One spindle edging / ripsaw machine with movable blades ML 3R-420

Code equipment: ML3R-420 EN

Short description

One spindle multi-rip saw and/or edging trimming machine ML 3R-420. Very suitable as universal rip saw and/or edging machine with one fixed and three (or two, or one) movable sawblades.
Machines  ML 3R(2R, 1R)-420 - multiripsaw, trimming/ edging with fixed and movable sawblades.
One spindle multiripsaw, trimming/ edging automats with fixed and movable sawblades ML 3R(2R, 1R)-420 are used as for trimming/ edging of side boards get in process of longitudinal round logs cutting or as multiripsaw to proceed prisms with not big thickness.
When machines ML 3R(2R, 1R)-420  are used as multiripsaw, the max. working thickness of processsing prisms or beams may be till 115 mm.  In case this machine used as trimming/ edging automat, the max. working thickness of prisms / beams may be till 100 mm.  
Consequently models of ML 3R(2R, 1R)-420 имеют одну фиксированную пилу (группу пил) и: model 3R - три подвижных, моторно перемещаемых  пилы (группы пил), соотвественно: models 2R и 1R - две и одну подвижные пилы (группы пил). 
Machine ML1-420 has a very spread renge og motors may be installed: form 22,0 till 75,0 KWt
Main working shaft if machine is movable (in up-down direction), it is give a very serious advantage - to use the optimal saw blades, depend of the thicknes of current proceeding material.

Main technical characters of ML 3R(2R, 1R)-420 machines: 
- maximum passing width of processing pieces till 900 mm;
maximum working width of pieces till 420 mm;
maximum distance between machine lateral blades till 380 mm;
- minimum length of processing pieces - 700 mm.

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