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Profiling machine

Code equipment: Fuga EN

Short description

FUGA - Automatic profiling machine for logs and/or for 2(4)-sides beams with thickness till 350 (500) mm.
Fuga - profiling machine to produce in the longitudinal directions the 1-2-3 pairs of grooves for each side of the processing logs. These grooves produced in the way, corresponded to the position and with thickness of side boards will be produced from this log/prism.
Fuga - this type of machines were installed as usual into The Modular Sawmill Lines, produced by Company. Machine equipped with a central feeding chain, top pressure unit and two or four cutter shafts that, depending on the processing of the logs or prisms, rotate on the machine shafts and produce the grooves on the processing logs/prisms adequate demand width and thickness of the side boards, to be cutting from this log / prism at the next stage. 
Fuga machines have modifications for:
- different dimensions of the processing logs/prisms;
- for sorting logs processing and for non sorting logs;
- may be equipped with vertical or with horizontal shafts;
- with two or four shafts with working units;
- with symmetrical or nonsymmetrical for movement/positioning of working units.