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Code equipment: parquet machines

Short description

Machines for Parquet production, massive (solid wood) and/or for multi-layer (engineering boards) - excellent in precision, high productive, most efficient, friendly in use.
The famous and recognizable in the world Parquet machines of A.Costa Brand start their history from 1922. The main distinctive features of the A.Costa Parquet machines always have been their constant high reliability, easy and friendly in operation and maintenance, the highest quality of products and excellent economic efficiency.
A.Costa Righi produced wide range of parquet machines, which covered all main needs of Clients for producing and processing of massive (solid wood) and/or multilayer (two-, three-layer) parquet - engineering boards. A.Costa parquet machines are consistently distinguished by the highest quality of their products, have very high productivity, work with maximum economic efficiency and with world known reliability, convenience and "friendliness" in operating and maintenance.
A. Costa Parquet machines are divided into main subdivision: 
- Machines for 
Massive parquet production;
Machines for multilayer parquet production and/or producing pars for furniture and/or construction.