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Complete Plants for pallet boards production


Complete Plants for pallet boards production

Code equipment: Pallet boards Plants-EN

Short description

Canter-ripsaw automatic Plants for pallet boards production from not sorting (or subsorted) round logs. Operated by one (two) operators. Plant has very high productivity and high economic efficiency.
Complexes for pallet boards production are produced by A.Costa Righi in two follow main variants:
- Complexes used the Canter-Profiling technology;
- and Complexes with Standard three Lines configuration - Canter-Saw Lines.

Canter-Profiling Complexes use the "one pass" technology, when logs in one pass by set of machines (such as: canters, profiling machines, multi-ripsaws) are processing into pallet boards with demanded dimensions.

Complexes with Standard Lines configuration, as usual, processed logs in follow way:  First Line - cut Logs into 
(1-2-3) Prismas and (1-2-3) Side boards from each side. Second Line - cut coming from First Line Prismas into trimming pallet boards. Third Line - cut coming Side boards also into trimming pallet boards with demanded dimensions. In both last two Lines Cross-cutting devices may be applied to cut coming prisms/boards into demanded length.

Both types of Complexes are produced as Complete automatic saw-milling Plants with one(two) operator(s) only.